GRL PWR Cuff$32
Kyanite Necklace$69
Sterling Silver Square Necklace$58
Silver or Gold Wrap Bangle Bracelet$54
Sign Language Necklace$47
Ruby & Green Patina Stacking Rings$124
GRL PWR Cuff$32
Yin Yang Best Friends Necklace$52
Treescape Narrative Ring$52
Treescape Narrative Cuff$52
Green Spear Earrings$53.93
Green Patina Rolling Hill Earrings$49.44
Ruby & Green Patina Stacking Rings$124
GRL PWR Cuff$32
Sterling Silver Seashell Ring$49
Patina Double Hoop Earrings$52

Blessing Bands are personal power bangles to give you strength, motivation, courage, and wisdom throughout your day. Meticulously handcrafted with powerful expressions and personal mantras, they are intended to lift, inspire and empower. We hope they guide you to awaken into your truth, your rhythm and your beautiful life story. Be gentle with yourself for you are a work of art!

Own who you are.

GRL PWR Summer 2018 Collection

Each of us has a voice and we must own it. GRL PWR is a celebration of the power of female energy which is sensitive, emotionally intelligent, collaborative, powerful, and diverse. We are evolving toward a more balanced direction of thought in which all people are seen, heard, respected, and valued and their authenticity is celebrated. It’s important that we have the bravery, respect and diligence to move in this new direction. It is time we hear more deeply and see more clearly. This is what will foster the unprecedented growth in our country and in our world. This is what GRL PWR celebrates!