Pure Essence Bangles$27.00
Zodiac Medallion Necklaces$48.00
Quads – Organic Rectangle Textured Earrings$39.00
Gypset Drops Charm Necklace$43.00
Neo Radiant Drop Necklaces$43.00
Orbit of Love Personalized Charm Necklace$46.00
Family Birthstone Ring$62.00
Personalized 2019 Grad Bar Necklace$42.00
Petite Initials Necklace$39.00
Birthstone Cuffs$80.00
Cosmic Blue Disk Earrings$48
Single Element Drop Necklace$35.00
Pure Essence Bangles$27.00
Petite Raw Pendant Drop in Citrine, Tourmaline, or Quartz$57.00
Rain Double Drop Hoop Earrings$53.00
Intention Wheels Necklace$59.00

Blessing Bands are personal power bangles to give you strength and courage throughout your day. Intended to awaken a heart of joy and encourage heart-filled, mindful and compassionate living, they are mantras for your wrist. Our hope is that by seeing the mantra you will be lifted, lighter and more in love with your life.

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INTRODUCING our Birthday Gift Guide!! We’ve done all the footwork for you to make birthday buying easy. Every month we will be adding new designs ideal for each birthday month! No need to look any further. We’ve got you covered with the best of the best in handcrafted Wearable Love Jewelry. This month we feature August’s stone: Peridot! The peridot crystal is connected to the sun and shines like a brilliant light beam of warm, inviting energy. It is a stone of light-hearted and joyful vibes and the perfect companion to lead you on a journey toward all things good!