We Rise Cuff / Camp Fire Benefit$60
Giving Tie FREE With Purchase$0.00
Life Elements + Birthstone Cuff Set$80
Elemental Necklace$39
Giving Tie FREE With Purchase$0.00
Queen Bee Ring$39
Satellite Chain Choker in Sterling or Gold$29
Fire Element Triangle Earrings$54
Giving Tie FREE With Purchase$0.00
Birthstone Cuffs$50
Cosmic Blue Disk Earrings$44
Single Element Drop Necklace$32
Giving Tie FREE With Purchase$0.00
Petite Raw Pendant Drop in Citrine, Tourmaline, or Quartz$53
Rain Double Drop Hoop Earrings$49
Intention Wheels Necklace$55

Blessing Bands are personal power bangles to give you strength and courage throughout your day. Intended to awaken a heart of joy and encourage heart-filled, mindful and compassionate living, they are mantras for your wrist. Our hope is that by seeing the mantra you will be lifted, lighter and more in love with your life.

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Elemental Dreams Winter 2019

Elemental Dreams Winter 2019 seeks to ground us to the ethereal and magical realm of alchemy as it connects us to the four elements of life: fire, water, earth and air. Our dominant intent with this line is to encourage connection, inspire balance and awaken our sense of spirituality understanding we are far more similar than we are different. When our elements are balanced we feel grounded (earth), flexible (water), powerful (fire), and friendly (air). All elements together combine in spirit. A balanced and mindful spirit moves you toward an awakened, joyful and fulfilled life.