Raw Turquoise Electroformed Stacking Ring


Ahhhh turquoise. It is the most delightful of all gemstones. Turquoise in its exquisite matrixing of greens and blues grounds us and awakens our playful spirit. We automatically come alive and feel more balanced when we slide it onto our finger. We work with raw, genuine turquoise. Colors and size of stone will vary, please be aware of that before ordering. We offer two sizes, small and medium. Select what size stone you want in the drop down menu. The medium stone rings stand alone nicely but also rock stacked! The small ones look really great stacked.

We love copper because of the positive, healing effects it has on the body! Our electroforming process is intricate, precise, exquisite, and handmade! We paint a conductive bezel on each raw stone, submerge it in a electrochemical solution that attracts or fuses the copper to it. To maintain the beautiful luster we hand seal each piece twice! Because of the precise and difficult nature of this process, our electroformed rings carry a longer production time but they are definitely worth it. We’ve built in quantity discounts into this listing, too … so the more you buy the more you save! They are delicious stacked up as you can see on the model. Lovingly handmade from scratch in our sweet little studio in Chico, CA.

Elemental Dreams Winter 2019 seeks to ground us to the ethereal and magical realm of alchemy as it connects us to the four elements of life: fire, water, earth and air. Our dominant intent with this line is to encourage connection, inspire balance and awaken our sense of spirituality understanding we are far more similar than we are different. When our elements are balanced we feel grounded (earth), flexible (water), powerful (fire), and friendly (air). All elements together combine in spirit. A balanced and mindful spirit moves you toward an awakened, joyful and fulfilled life. Introducing some bold pieces to help you step out powerfully into life and of course some fabulous everyday wearable staples. All designed and handcrafted in our sweet, little studio in Northern California by a team of artisans who love what they do!