Moroccan Glow Patina Stacking Rings


Stack these babies up on your fingers and watch your hands come alive with the festive air of the season! See SIZING AND ORDERING below for proper sizing of these!!

NEW UPGRADE!! NOW get your patina rings with mixed base metal or upgrade to fine metal!! These are 10 individual, TEENSY TINY, ultra thin, delicate yet durable and oh so lovely Skinny Stacking Rings! PLEASE take a note of the rings on the model to get an idea how tiny they are!! Each ring measures only 1 mm wide and the entire set stacks up to about 1/2″ wide. With that in mind, we suggest you consider sizing up 1/2 – a full size from your standard narrow band sizing.
NOTE: Pictured in FINE METAL in pic 3 and BASE METAL in pic 1 and on the model.

These are completely hand-forged in-house. Much love and attention goes into these works of art.
The FINE METAL option will come with 4 Traditional Patina Rings (blue, green, yellow & red), 2 Rose Gold Filled, 2 Yellow Gold Filled and 2 Recycled Sterling Silver Rings.
The BASE METAL option will come with 4 Traditional Patina Rings (blue, green, yellow & red), 2 red brass, 2 soft copper and 2 German silver rings. Pictured in base metal. Please note: base metal is more vibrant than fine metal, tends to age more quickly and it can, with some people, discolor the skin temporarily. This is not harmful, most people can wear it without any noticeable difference and base metal offers a great cost savings to fine metal, but you should be aware of these possibilities.
Perfect for wearing together, separate or 2-3 at a time or get creative!

NOTE!! Especially with this stack we suggest you consider sizing up 1/2 size to a full size so they aren’t too snug as you go up your finger, especially if you plan to wear them all on the same finger … but it’s up to you!

The patina rings get TWO coats of the most durable sealant on the market which is basically like an enamel that should help to seal in the patina. With that said, oils/lotions/perfumes/excessive wear and tear might compromise the sealant. So if they do change, enjoy that process as well. Under the patina, the rings are solid, hammered red brass so they will still be beautiful and gold dusty if they do change but our hope is that the patina will hold for some time. Please know that the greatest care goes into these creations and we do everything in our power to produce highest quality products. ALSO — patina can be a tricky process and the end result is very much dependent on weather conditions, times of day, humidity, etc etc etc … so your rings may not look identical to what you see here but they will be beautiful!!