CLEARANCE Festival Patina Stacking Rings


We see lots of travel in your future; lots of wandering, exploring and seeking out rich culture and soul-deepening music. Introducing our FESTIVAL STACK. Stack these babies up on your fingers and watch your hands come alive with the blooming of life around you! We hope just looking at your fingers will invite dance, play and surrender into the present moment. Dance on sister!!!

Fine Metal Option = 4 Traditional Patina Rings: Niagara (Blue), Greenery (Green), Flame (Orange) & Trinity (Blue Violet) + 3 sterling silver rings

Base Metal Option = 4 Traditional Patina Rings Niagara (Blue), Greenery (Green), Flame (Orange) & Trinity (Blue Violet) + 3 German silver rings

Pictured in fine metal. Base metal is more vibrant than fine metal, tends to age more quickly and it can, with some people, discolor the skin temporarily. This is not harmful, most people can wear it without any noticeable difference and base metal offers a great cost savings to fine metal, but you should be aware of these possibilities.

These are completely hand-forged in-house. Much love and attention goes into these works of art.