She Believed She Could So She Did Stacking Cuffs


She Believed She Could So She Did … 2020

The quintessential perfect inspirational cuff set for anyone about to take flight and unfold their destiny. For me, personally, there is such power in these words. I truly believe the power rests within. Whether we think we can or think we can’t, we’re right. It’s about choice. It’s about attitude. It’s about passions and dreams and intuition. It’s about believing in the great purpose of your life and then harnessing the power within to make it happen. That’s what this sweet piece conveys to me.

The power-packed expression “she believed she could so she did 2020″ is hand cast on the inside of the silver slim – the outside is left with clean lines and beautiful hammering. The silver slim is paired with a nu gold cuff so that she can wear these with all of her jewels.

The 1/4″ wide Slim is made from 16 GA German or Sterling Silver while The 1/8” wide Skinny is made from 10 GA nu gold. They are two separate cuffs, not attached. These are all hand-forged, starting from a raw piece of high quality metal and transformed with our very hands into these stunning beauties. Hand loved for sure!

Please NOTE — these are all completely hand forged from scratch and each one is made to order. Considerable loving care is given in each creation. We pride ourselves on the quality and the fact that we start with raw sheet metal and transform them into art. Each letter is individually hand engraved; each hammer stroke is struck by hand. It gets very loud in our studio but we love it! They are works of heart! From our heart to yours! Made in our sweet studio in the USA by women who love what we do.

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