Zen Garden Patina Rings


Our Fall/Winter Mindful Muse Zen Garden palette is a rich orchestral balance of power, growth, stillness and tranquility. We are evoking wholeness in mind, body and spirit with these beautiful jewel tones. It is our hope that wearing them will encourage a quest for vitality and growth, help us to welcome abundance and power and guide us sit in harmony, peace and wisdom, resting deeply in our intuition, strength, courage, and power.

The 16 GA patina rings are bathed in our eco-friendly proprietary blend and then sealed twice in our earth-friendly, very durable sealant to hold in the luster and color for some time. The patina rings are paired with silver and rose rings. Each set comes with 7 rings: 3 patina, 4 metal. Order them up in fine or base metal. Please read the difference in our policy section prior to purchase to know which is right for you.


ENERGY Green – Family, Health, Community, Vitality, Growth

POWER Purple – Power, Wealth, Abundance, Spiritual, Passionate, Visionary

HARMONY Blue – Knowledge, Wisdom, Harmony, Intuitive, Tranquil, Trustworthy