Petal Blossom Anklets


It’s summer! What does that mean? MORE travel, playing, camping, beach adventures, and living life to the fullest! Our new Petal Blossom Anklets encourage bare-feet and sand-between-the-toes easy living. Simple and delicate, we offer three styles from which to choose. DROPLET with textured disks that encircle the ankle, BLOSSOM with petite organic stones that gently dangle from the chain and VINE a simple satellite chain.

DROPLET is offered in silver or gold plate with textured disks.

BLOSSOM is offered in all 12 birthstones in silver and gold filled (see photo)

VINE is offered in silver or gold filled.


We offer inclusionary sizing from 8.5″ to 11″ but if you need something smaller or larger simply reach out to us for a custom listing! To size, wrap a flexible tape measure around your ankle where you want to wear your anklet and then simply upsize 1/2″ for the most comfortable fit!

These are super fabulous alone or layered!