Sterling Silver Dream Wishbone Necklace


For us, it’s not so much about making a wish and hoping it comes true. It’s about believing in something so strongly that you have no choice but to manifest it. So on the edge of this handcrafted sterling silver 3/4″ X 1 1/8″ wishbone we’ve hand cast the simple word *dream*. For when you dream you believe and when you truly believe, the universe responds. This meaningful piece falls from a barely there 1.1mm sterling silver chain and is meant to remind you to get still and listen to your heart song. The whispers in the night that guide you, those dreams are your destiny. Dream, listen, move steadily in that direction, and in all you do, do so with a joyful, open, receptive heart and those dreams will find you.


The JOY REVIVAL Collection bursts forth an exquisite juxtaposition of rich and rustic mint patina with clean and fresh rose, silver and gold. Joy Revival reminds us with its hidden messages and bright palette that inner peace and joy are freedom. We can and should be happy. Holding on to negative emotion keeps us stuck, not growing toward our greatness. The world needs our positive flow. And we hope this line assists us in claiming our vibrant spirits back.