Silver Circle Unity Necklace


to be one,
to be united
is a great thing.
to respect the
right to be different
is maybe
even greater.
– bono
Designed by Amy, this is the second in our circle series, this one is a bit smaller than our gold bold circle and it’s a lovely organically hand hammered silver for those of us who don’t want to go as bold as the gold piece. Personalized with *unity* or another word that holds meaning to you, may it remind you that in union there is strength. Respect, trust, compassion, love… allow us to be unified, honoring and respecting our differences.

Personalize your piece with *unity* or choose another word all together. We’ll give you examples or select YOU OWN and in the comments portion of the order please indicate your word, 10 characters or less.

Made from either German silver (GS) which is a base metal or upgrade to fine metal in recycled sterling silver. Either way, it’s a stunning piece and worthy of lots of wonderful conversation