Orbit of Love Personalized Charm Necklace


Mom is our universe. She is larger and brighter than life itself. In this sweetly meaningful piece, Mother “Sun” is symbolized by the slightly larger personalized disk, encircled by her darling “Earth” Angel Children in an Orbit of LOVE.

All disks and chains are made from fine metal. Mother’s disk is 8mm while her children’s are 6mm. You select the chain and disk metal and then customize the disks with your chosen font for your unique personalized charm necklace. Choose from 2X1.5mm 14K yellow gold filled or 100% non-conflict sterling silver.

There are two options for your custom necklace: 3 or 5 disks. In the case where mom has one child, the third disk can be left blank or a star or heart can be added. Same with the 5 disk option. If she has say 3 children, the 4th disk can be cast with a star or heart or left blank. Let’s say she has 1 child but wants the 5 disk option, she can do the same. Lots of creative options here!


    Please see Sizing and Ordering for more detail.