Love Life Vertical Bar Necklace


This powerful vertical bar necklace is a strong stacking piece or an epic solo act. The organically textured bar has 3D impact, measuring 1/4″ by 1/8″ by 1 3/16″  long and is plated with .999 fine silver or 14K gold. It drops from a solid recycled Sterling Silver or yellow gold filled chain to highlight the heart space with rustic beauty. You have the choice with this piece to have the word “love” hand cast into one side of the bar and “life” cast into the other. When I wear this piece complete with hand cast intention, I can’t help but run my fingers down the sides of the bar and let the mantra “love life” repeat in my mind.

We have partnered with a team of generational artists to co-create a line of unrivaled, artisan-crafted pieces in our SoulScape Collection. Handcrafted in the United States, this collection is curated with playful lines, rustic texture and irregular, asymmetrical shapes. Created with the highest quality practices and of course with AWD’s signature hand casting process, all pieces are plated with 24K gold or .999 fine silver. A fine addition to our family of incredibly unique and treasured pieces.