EquALLity Cuff


A significant piece in our GRL PWR Line, the EquALLity cuff is a powerful 1/2″ wide, traditionally hand hammered nu gold or German silver piece aiming to shine light and solidarity on our need for equality for all women. No matter our nationality, place of residence, ethnic origin, color, religion, language or any other status, we all deserve human rights inherent to all beings without discrimination. This cuff honors and unites us toward this universal need.

EquALLity looks fabulous paired with our GRL PWR cuffs and/or our green patina skinny cuffs as shown in the photographs.

Order them up alone or as a personalized set! Set includes the EquALLity cuff, green patina skinny (matte finish) and a “rise” skinny cuff in matching metal. If you’d like to customize this set further, please contact us prior to purchase.