Enveloped in Love Intention Necklace


The possibilities are endless with this unbelievably precious Enveloped in Love Necklace.  It is a keeper of what is dear to the heart.  Included are several slips of  artisan handmade paper you can use to write down a mantra, a name, a wish, an intention, even a symbol, or kids’ artwork … fold and slip it into the envelope pendant to carry with you always.  The envelope itself is entirely hand forged from recycled sterling silver or nu gold and measures 5/8″ by 7/8.”  It hangs from a barely there 1.5mm chain of sterling or gold filled. You have the choice of either having a celestial moon and star pattern or a radiating heart hand cast into the face.  One calls to mind the cosmic dance in which we are all play a part and the other speaks of a love that fills the heart!

What an incredible gift for mom, sister, friend, or yourself. Keep your intentions and wishes alive and enveloped in love with this one of a kind piece.