Mother Daughter Dandelion Necklace Set


This beautiful sterling silver mother / daughter necklace combo offers powerful symbolism and meaning. Handcrafted and designed in our little studio, it’s meant to sweetly showcase the forever connection we have as mothers and daughters.

The perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day, may it remind her that it’s because of her loving guidance that you fly; she’s given you wings to fully embrace each new day with joy, confidence, strength and inner peace, all the while loving who you are. Though you are rooted together from the same seed, her ability to blow you in the right direction is the very reason you fly toward your own magnificent destiny.

This sweet combo is also the perfect gift for your daughter(s) too. A gift from mom to remind her beloved seed fluff to fly on, embracing all you are. That you will always be a part of one another, but she believes in all you are and all you will be. Your connection will never be lost, it will only be enhanced as she watches you take flight, becoming the extraordinary being that you are.

You can purchase one of each piece, or both for yourself and layer them (shown on model). This is a fun combo to showcase carrying your daughter with you always.