Birthday Blossoms Necklaces


Birthday Blossoms Necklaces celebrate the natural wonder that blossoms in each month of the year.  Much like birth stones have special meaning, so do birth flowers!  We have collaborated with a talented local artist, Cody of Buffalo Rutland Company, to create these entirely original floral treasures.  Each has been hand drawn and then etched into the delicate 1/2″ fine metal disks.  Both disk and 1.1mm barely there chain are available in recycled Sterling Silver or Gold Filled.  They make an enchanting and heartfelt gift for birthdays and special events, as well as friendship necklaces!

Their months and meanings are as follows:

January ~ Snowdrop ~ gentle and delicate, with the power to overcome obstacles and be reborn anew

February ~ Iris ~ royalty, power, wisdom and valor

March ~ Daffodil ~ love, growth, renewal, rebirth, blooming in life

April ~ Daisy ~ purity, innocence, rebirth, blissful pleasure, love, and beauty

May ~ Lily of the Valley ~ sweetness, luck in love, a return to happiness

June ~ Rose ~ imbued with all that is good, all that is love

July ~ Water Lily ~ goodness, truth, enlightenment

August ~ Poppy ~ peace, tranquility, strength of character, imagination

September ~ Aster ~ love, enchantment, beauty, goodwill

October ~ Cosmos ~ peacefulness, beauty, wholeness, ultimate love, creativity, passion

November ~ Chrysanthemum ~ happiness, love, longevity, joy, honesty, loyalty

December ~ Narcissus ~ rebirth, new beginnings, hope, prosperity, protection