Personalized Birthstone Bar Earrings With Stone Dangle


Simple as it gets but delightful as you can customize with your very own birthstone! Or simply pick a stone with meaning (see below). Shown with emeralds, May’s birthstone, but please see the pic of all of the organic, genuine stones we offer. Handcrafted 1 3/4″ or 12 GA hand textured bar is available in silver or nu gold. Ear wires are sterling silver or nu gold.

Birthstone Meaning

GARNET (red) for protection and light. (January)

AMETHYST (purple) for tranquility and peace. (February)

AQUAMARINE (green-blue) for love, hope, health, and new friendships. (March)

DIAMOND (fiery, glamorous, sparkly) for love, eternity and strength. (April)

EMERALD (deep green) for health, healing and future possibilities. (May)

PEARL (variety of colors) for honesty, modesty, pure heart, and a happy marriage. (June)

RUBY (deep red although color can vary) for protection and harmony. (July)

PERIDOT (lime green) for protection and spiritual, psychological and physical healing. (August)

SAPPHIRE (varying colors of blue) for faith, purity and foresight. (Sept)

OPAL (white or black) for purity, hope and innocence. (Oct)

TOPAZ (variety of colors: golden, blue, pale green, pink, red) for sanity, healing and life well lived. (Nov)

TURQUOISE (ranging from mid-blue to green-blue to light green) for happiness, fortune, luck, and balance. (Dec)

CORAL (reds and oranges) for life and blood force.