Trust Your Growth Toggle Necklace


Introducing something entirely new, fresh and fabulous – our delightful chunky toggle necklace!  So timely, stylish and strong.  We love having the functional clasp of the piece highlighted right in the front as a focal piece.  Organic in texture and appeal, the toggle bar slips into the asymmetrical chunky ring and creates a stunning shape.

Order this meaningful piece in two ways.

First, with TRUST hand cast into the toggle with our new itsy bitsy standard font. It’s paired with an organic disk of branches growing in all directions. The intention is strong. TRUST your growth, no matter what direction. There are lessons in the easy days and the difficult days. We can and should lean into it, learn from it and trust it.

Second comes simply, no personalization, and a simple blank organic disk.

For both variations – choose from 24K gold plate or .999 fine sterling plate.

We have partnered with a team of generational artists to co-create a line of unrivaled, artisan-crafted pieces in our SoulScape Collection. Handcrafted in the United States, this collection is curated with playful lines, rustic texture and irregular, asymmetrical shapes. Created with the highest quality practices and of course with AWD’s signature hand casting process, all pieces are plated with 24K gold or .999 fine silver. A fine addition to our family of incredibly unique and treasured pieces.