CLEARANCE Harley the Hedgehog Necklace


It’s true! Big things really do come in small packages! These little guys are not only resourceful but they are smart and quick on their feet, or quills 😉 … You see, when hedgehogs are threatened, they pack themselves tightly in a neat little ball, exposing lethal looking quills. Any predator who takes a bite of this prickly little pear will spit it right back out. Symbolically, connecting with the deeper meaning of the hedgehog can help to reclaim your own power. We could all learn a little something from these adorable little creatures. Even through challenging times, they land on their feet in a calm, cool, can-do practicality. They are small but they are fierce. The perfect symbol for your favorite grad because even though may throw her some curve balls, she can summon her inner hedgehog and rise to the occasion with strength and calm determination.

Our hedgehog itself is made from zinc alloy and is 13mm X 15mm. He hangs from a sterling silver 1.1mm chain.