WARRIOR Necklace / Motivational Gift



It is the intention of the WARRIOR Necklace to guide you toward love, move you toward inner strength and acceptance, lift you toward your bravery, and know that you have the tenacity it takes to reach your fullest, deepest and truest potential of your soul’s highest calling. Namaste.

This completely handcrafted WARRIOR Necklace is intentionally tiny. We are working with the smallest bar we can to hold our tiny characters. This minimalist, empowered gold filled bar measures 1″ X 1/8″. It is paired with a handcrafted, organic and darkened raised sterling silver heart, an organic aquamarine and an aged sterling silver arrow. All pieces dangle from a barely there 1.1 mm gold filled chain.


There are 6 necklaces in our Warrior Necklace Series and each beholds an enormous amount of self-empowering properties. The intention is to remember that you are not what happened to you, you are what you choose to become; accept yourself in all your beautiful, raw, perfectly imperfect glory; know that you are courageous and you are whole; stand in your power, embody your wisdom, embrace your truth, share your light!

Our Warrior Necklace Series is made from the highest quality materials and will come perfectly personalized and polished and ready for gifting! We work with sterling silver and gold filled, NOT gold plated, products. Gold filled has 99% more gold than plating. All of our pieces are lovingly handcrafted in the USA by women who love what they do. We take great pride in our work with quality standards that are exceedingly high.