Genuine Tibetan Turquoise Round Sterling Silver And Nu Gold Ring


We are so excited to bring you our Custom-Designed Turquoise Ring Series. The beauties are meant to stack up together with our other rings. They will pair nicely with everything from this line – the patina rings, the nugget stackers, the simple rings. You name it. It’ll rock (literally)- it’s genuine Tibetan turquoise.

LARGER ROUNDS SET ON NU GOLD BEZEL – The 12 mm round stones sit in a nu gold bezel for a nice contrast between it and the sterling silver lightly textured band. All hand forged in house and a wonderful addition to your stacking ring collection.

Larger ovals (10x12mm) and rounds (12mm) set on nu gold bezels
3 sizes of rounds (set in all sterling (12mm = Medium. 6mm=Small. 4mm=Tiny.)
3 sizes of ovals set in all sterling (10X8mm=Medium. 8X6mm=Small. 7X5mm=Tiny.)
A small marquise (9X4mm)
A small pear (8X5mm)

Please note >>> The sizes are approximate for reference. They will be similar but perhaps not the exact sizes as listed above.