Sterling Silver Dandelion Wish Ring


You might see it as a pesky weed when it pops up in your yard, but the dandelion really offers much more than first meets the eye. This widely distributed cheery little flower grows freely wherever it can find a bit of earth and a place in the sun. The strong and determined dandelion has our heart with its resilient grace and powerful determination. Whether it symbolizes the warmth and power of the rising sun, surviving and conquering challenges and difficulties, getting your wish fulfilled, long lasting happiness and profound joy, or healing from emotional pain, its ability to thrive in difficult conditions makes it, for us, a symbol of tenacity and strength. We say blow those little flowers everywhere and dance in delight as the wisps fly remembering that every breath is a second chance.

Made from recycled sterling silver, the 5/8″ or 16mm round circle holds a hand cast dandelion. It sits atop a 16 GA round wire, very comfy band. It looks fabulous stacked with all of our rings, too.


The JOY REVIVAL Collection bursts forth an exquisite juxtaposition of rich and rustic mint patina with clean and fresh rose, silver and gold. Joy Revival reminds us with its hidden messages and bright palette that inner peace and joy are freedom. We can and should be happy. Holding on to negative emotion keeps us stuck, not growing toward our greatness. The world needs our positive flow. And we hope this line assists us in claiming our vibrant spirits back.