Love Stack Silver and Rose Stacking Rings


Order these beauties up in base metal or fine metal.

The base metal option is 16 GA 100% copper and German silver.

The fine metal option is 16 GA rose gold filled and 100% sterling silver.

Different textures grace each ring. Base metal will be more rustic and fine metal will be more refined! Both fine and base metal options will be polished to a high shine. These are super charming. The heart is hand cut so no two will be alike but they will all be lovely. This set is the perfect sentiment for your beloved this year.

Base metal is a great alternative to fine metal because of the cost savings but you should know that some people’s oils of their skin react to it causing a periodic skin discoloring. This is not harmful and we here at AWD don’t have a problem with it but you might and should be aware of it. Also, base metal is more rustic. It will age as it comes in contact with the air and the oils of your skin. If you are at all concerned with these possibilities you might consider an upgrade to fine metal.