Rose Gold, Silver & Gold Stacking Ring Set


Polished ULTRA THIN 18 GA stacking rings. These babies are TINY and delicate and ohhhhhh so lovely. This pairing is so sweet – silver, gold, rose. Order them up in fine metal – rose and yellow gold filled and sterling or in mixed base metal! They will work wonderfully with any of your jewels. Wear them all on the same finger or switch it up!



THE FINE METAL OPTION = 3 Recycled Sterling Silver, 3 Rose Gold Filled and 3 Yellow Gold Filled (FINE METAL PIC 1 & 5)

THE BASE METAL OPTION = 3 German Silver, 3 Soft Copper and 3 Red Brass (BASE METAL PIC 3)
NOTE: Please read the details below about base metal versus fine metal under the heading metal details to know which metal select is right for you.

The first picture is in FINE METAL and the third picture shows BASE METAL. The colors in fine metal will be a much softer hue than those in base metal.