Raw Sapphire Electroformed Rings


Oh sapphire, we are smitten, obsessed and in love with you!

Sapphires invite spiritual awakening and enhance your connection with your higher self. They promote peace in all aspects of your life and help with clarity and clear speech, inviting you to speak your truth! They also bring a stronger sense of interconnectedness, helping you to achieve deeper insight and consciousness. Sapphires are crystals of fairness and their energies will invite abundance and prosperity, attracting positive opportunities. They also promote emotional balance and stability, helping to keep you centered even though everything else around you may make you feel differently.

We work with genuine sapphire. The cut is raw, earthy, organic with some refined faceted lines in some of the stones. The bezels are organically formed to hold the stone in a nest of copper. We love copper because of the positive, healing effects it has on the body! Our electroforming process is intricate, precise, exquisite, and handmade! We paint a conductive bezel on each raw stone, submerge it in a electrochemical solution that attracts or fuses the copper to it so each piece will be completely unique and different. To maintain the beautiful luster we hand seal each piece twice! Lovingly handmade from scratch in our sweet little studio in Chico, CA.

These 18 GA stunners look great stacked up or paired with any of our individual stacking rings or they are perfectly paired with any piece from our raw spirit sapphire line.