ONE Personalized Hair Stick or Book Mark


The perfect hair statement piece. Or bookmark. Or sweet little simple gift to tie to the bow of another gift. Or coffee stir stick! You name it but these are simply adorable. I knew that I would select it when sweet miss Karoline rolled into my office with her design. I fell in love immediately and knew it had to be introduced into our collection. And Karoline is our gorgeous model here, too, which of course is fitting since she’s the amazing vision behind the piece. Pick up one, two, five, or all of them. What a great thing to hand out to your best friends during Christmas or a night out. Or during a party have them as parting gifts for guests to take. Share the love.

And there’s no limit to the creative pairings here… here are just a few to give you a start:
fierce soul
soul sister
wild free
sacred soul tribe
free spirit