Mint Patina Nugget Stacking Rings


Introducing our new RUSTIC MINT PATINA and ROSE GOLD Nugget Stacking RINGS. These babies are super special and require tedious care in their creation – each nugget is even hand forged! Each handcrafted nugget ring is first darkened in our eco-friendly darkening bath, then burnished back slightly. And then a coat of our eco-friendly mint green patina is applied and then it’s burnished back to reveal the undercoat of the beautiful copper. It truly looks like a treasure you would find in a vintage shop. Each patina ring is then sealed TWICE to maintain that beautiful patina for some time. I cannot express exactly how much time and care goes into these but it’s A LOT and they are well worth it!

LIMITED SUPPLY – We have a limited supply of these until we make our next batch. Our patina rings fly out of here so if you see your size you might not want to delay in ordering

Get your patina rings with mixed base metal or upgrade to fine metal!! These are 7 individual TINY, delicate yet durable and oh so lovely Skinny Stacking Rings! Each 16 GA ring measures only 1.5 mm wide and the entire set stacks up to about 1/2″ wide. With that in mind, we suggest you consider sizing up 1/2 – a full size from your standard narrow band sizing.

Pictured in Fine Metal.

The FINE METAL option will come with 3 RUSTIC MINT Patina Nugget Stacking Rings and 4 Rose Gold Filled Hammered Rings.

The BASE METAL option will come with 3 RUSTIC MINT Patina Nugget Stacking Rings and 4 Copper Hammered Rings. Pictured in base metal. Please note: base metal is more vibrant than fine metal, tends to age more quickly and it can, with some people, discolor the skin temporarily. This is not harmful, many people can wear it without any noticeable difference and base metal offers a great cost savings to fine metal, but you should be aware of these possibilities.
Perfect for wearing together, separate or 2-3 at a time or get creative!
Photographed in FINE METAL for the close ups and base metal on the model.