LIMITED EDITION Kyanite Necklace


With our new GRL PWR Line we launch Kyanite. One of the two minerals on the planet that neither accumulates nor retains negative energy, Kyanite never needs cleansing. It aligns and balances chakras rather quickly and can enhance not only your mind but your whole body, as well. It promotes a calming effect on your being while keeping you centered. When the chakras are balanced and open, you can freely express what you think or feel. This is TRULY a power stone!

Pendants are various sizes, roughly 1″-2″ X 1/2″ and is trimmed out in gold electroplating. Note >> these are approximate sizes as all will be different as they are rough, organic, raw stones. Each pendant falls from a durable 1.1mm gold filled chain.

Please choose a stone and chain length from the drop-down menus. You will receive the stone you picked. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!