Inspirational Positive Flow Cuff


It is time to just be happy. Holding on to negative emotion in any way isn’t worth it anymore. It creates more of it. So the time is now. Practice positive flow; dance in delight; make your day be that of finding and staying in a place of pure joy as much as you can. This meaningful and powerful 1/8″ wide copper or German silver cuff, as designed by our lead designer, Jessica Rose, communicates in a way only jewelry can the purpose and intent of going with the flow. Ride the current of life. Going against the current only makes it harder on yourself. So flow, baby, flow!


The JOY REVIVAL Collection bursts forth an exquisite juxtaposition of rich and rustic mint patina with clean and fresh rose, silver and gold. Joy Revival reminds us with its hidden messages and bright palette that inner peace and joy are freedom. We can and should be happy. Holding on to negative emotion keeps us stuck, not growing toward our greatness. The world needs our positive flow. And we hope this line assists us in claiming our vibrant spirits back.