Fluted Japanese Fan Necklace


With our Spring 2017 Line, AWD’s Greatest Hits, we bring you some of our staples, our old favorites, our great sellers and some of our most popular pieces. Our patina pieces are consistently fan favorites. With this line we bring you a new treasure … our fluted Japanese Fan Necklace. An artistic take on the beauty, rich symbolism and history of Japanese fans, this incredible 54 mm fluted necklace is washed in several different layers of patina and then sealed in our eco-friendly clear guard spray. It hangs from a 1.5 mm delicate darkened figaro chain with lobster clasp closure. When first created 3,000 years ago, fans were simply used to block the sun and keep cool. But over the years, they evolved into works of art. The calligraphy character for the word “fan” has the same sound as the character for “kindness” or “good.” Thus, fans are viewed as good luck charms and expressions of generosity. Our design is simple yet stunning and will be perfect for your tanned spring and summer skin.