Gold & Silver Eternity Necklace


Friends, how fun is this piece? The Rustic ETERNITY Necklace. This is similar to our other eternity necklace but it’s a bit bolder and more organic in it’s texture and circle formation. The circles are purposefully not perfect. They are beautifully organic in their shapes. Like the other eternity necklace, this piece still holds deep significance. The joining of two or the connection between two. Perfect for Weddings, Mothers, Daughters, Couples, Best Friends or just about anyone you never want to let go of and love deeply.

The recycled sterling silver ring is about 1″X1″ while the gold filled ring is 1/2″X1/2″. They are completely hand forged by soldering queen Jess and no two will be alike. They are joined together symbolizing a never ending connection. A very delicate gold filled chain and gold filled wire are wrapped to the rings. It’s more of a statement piece than our other necklace. It’s stunning and attention getting. Try it out. I bet she’ll flip over it.

Our darling Phoebe is wearing 16″ Chain and it’s intended to fall right at her fifth or throat chakra.