Genuine, Organic, Raw Aquamarine Electroformed Earrings


Two tiny raw cuts of genuine aquamarine are nestled in organic handmade bezels, dangling from hand forged rose gold filled ear wires. These tiny wonders fall approximately 7/8″or 22mm from top of ear wire and dangle: 3/8″ or 1cm.

Our electroforming process is intricate, precise, exquisite, and handmade! We paint a conductive bezel on each raw stone, submerge it in a electrochemical solution that attracts or fuses the copper to it. To maintain the beautiful luster we hand seal each piece twice! Lovingly handmade from scratch in our sweet little studio in Chico, CA.

Our aquamarine stones are sourced from Spain and 100% of the profits go to a dog rescue organization, “Just Another Street Dog”. We love these stones and this organization!

NOTE! Our raw aquamarines will vary in hue (from greens to blues) and brightness (from bright to more muted). Please be aware of that when ordering.

Aquamarine, March’s stone, is exquisite on so many levels. It nurtures clear communication without anger or judgment. It encourages being true to oneself, trusting the universe and letting go. Its key powers are: peace, purification, loyalty, perseverance, courage, communication, motivation, honesty, intuition, health, connection, relationship, love, compassion, prosperity, abundance, and healing. It promotes acceptance, encourages tranquility, stimulates creativity, relieves stress and anxiety and balances emotions. It is a stone of courage and we hope as you wear our hand forged aquamarine collection that you stand bravely and feel this powerful mantra: LIVE in the moment. SPEAK your mind. SHARE your truth.


The JOY REVIVAL Collection bursts forth an exquisite juxtaposition of rich and rustic mint patina with clean and fresh rose, silver and gold. Joy Revival reminds us with its hidden messages and bright palette that inner peace and joy are freedom. We can and should be happy. Holding on to negative emotion keeps us stuck, not growing toward our greatness. The world needs our positive flow. And we hope this line assists us in claiming our vibrant spirits back.