Flying Heart Necklace


Say yes. Whatever it is say yes with your whole heart and as simple as that sounds that’s all the excuse life needs to give you wings to fly. 

Introducing our exclusive Flying Heart Necklace. This symbolic piece is without a doubt as sweet and powerful as anything ever was. Designed by our lead designer, Jess, this piece will have her swooning (or flying!). Whether she needs a boost in confidence or a sweet love gift, this will surely set her radiance aglow. This 7mm hand cut heart is soldered to two silvering wings and then wrapped to our barely there sterling silver chain. Measures approximately 1.25″ wide.

Model is wearing 15″ in sterling silver but I do so love it on a rose gold filled chain, too, as pictured up close.

You pick the chain metal to pair and then leave the magic to us!

Our 2018 LOVE WINS Valentine’s Collection seeks to remind us of the incredible power of love. Stronger, deeper and fuller than any emotion, when we lead with love, we always win. Introducing unique, one-of-a-kind designs that reflect the fervor of love but with whimsy, delight and creativity at their core. For as we stand in the power of love, we stand at the center of all that is possible. People, let LOVE win!