FABULOUS Custom Designed Brown Leather Fringe Bag


Do not take lightly how much you will FREAK OUT when you get your hands on this numba. This bag alone takes up 1/4 of an ENTIRE hide of our premium Napa, California leather. You could practically sleep in it!

It has layers and layers of dripping and dangling fringe and will dance with you as you move. It also has haphazardly placed beads and chain. We also offer a word to be engraved for free (9 characters or less) to dangle from the chain. Think of something you need right now; something that will remind you to harness your power and purpose as you strut through town with this beauty on your arm.

It also should be noted that with all leather there are inherently imperfections: creases, sometimes darker spots, and the like. We think this adds flavor to the piece! We try to avoid anything unsightly but that’s leather for ya! This is especially the case with upcycled findings but that’s the beauty of them!

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