Heart Stud Earrings


Take me down the path of love and allow me never to return! These super tiny and simple sterling silver heart studs are handcrafted in house and believe it or not, each heart is individually hand cut so no two will be exactly alike! Allow them to remind you propagate love in everything you do!

Stud earrings are adorable, versatile, and easy to wear! Whether sporting a single pair or a stylish stud lineup, these delightful drops complete an earring ensemble like nothing else. We love adding a special pair to accent larger statement earrings.

We offer a range of powerful shapes, stones and figures for you to choose from. All our studs are made from the highest quality 100% recycled Sterling Silver, 14 karat gold fillet metal and nu gold. All ear posts and earring backs are Sterling Silver. Each are meticulously handcrafted, made to order by our talented team of women artists.