Circadian Hoop Earrings


These very special hoops will become an instant staple is any wardrobe. They are the perfect size, 2″, and have a solid, chunky width. They make a big impression! For the first time ever we are offering 24k gold and .99 Sterling Silver plated options, along with our unique patina colors, fireplace red and winter teal.

We have partnered with a team of generational artists to co-create a line of unrivaled, artisan-crafted pieces in our SoulScape Collection. Handcrafted in the United States, this collection is curated with playful lines, rustic texture and irregular, asymmetrical shapes. Created with the highest quality practices and of course with AWD’s signature hand casting process, all pieces are plated with 24K gold or .999 fine silver. A fine addition to our family of incredibly unique and treasured pieces.

*Keep in mind* The patina process is one of natural oxidation and can produce some variation in color.