Silver Stacking Bangles in Sterling Silver or German Silver


Introducing individual stacking bangles! Made meticulously from 14 GA sterling silver or German silver wire, these beautifully simple yet timelessly classic bangles are the staple to any wardrobe. Handmade in our sweet little Northern California studio by a girl gang of artisans who believe in high quality, artisan-crafted jewelry. We take great pride in our work and great care in creating it for you!

Sterling silver is fine 100% recycled sterling silver and German silver is a base metal or an alloy.

Please note: base metal is more vibrant than fine metal, tends to age more quickly and it can, with some people, discolor the skin temporarily. This is not harmful, most people can wear it without any noticeable difference and base metal offers a great cost savings to fine metal, but you should be aware of these possibilities and if it’s a concern please consider upgrading to fine metal.

Please see our Stacked Essentials Collection for our full range of colors and metals.

These, as with all our pieces, come ready to gift on a handmade card with a note of inspiration and descriptive text on the product. Perfectly packaged and carefully delivered:)


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