Mountain Range Cuff


As we were birthing our GRL PWR line of empowerment, we had to have a mountain range, “rise up”, cuff in there. For not only is it summer and time for adventure but mountains are perfect symbols to support the pulse of this powerful line. Climbing up a mountain often indicates spiritual or mental “rising” or improvement. As we rise up as women, we climb toward a greater tomorrow. We strive for growth and though our climb may not be easy, it will be worth it! Stay strong, ladies. Keep climbing!

A Jessica Rose original design, the mountain is hand-cut and hand-rolled for texture out of 16 GA German silver, this piece is truly something powerful to behold.

Order the mountain cuff alone or as a set: mountain + nu gold skinny, mountain + Skinny Adventure Cuff, mountain + 1/4″ GRL PWR cuff and green skinny

  • If you have ordered a set with a Skinny Adventure Cuff or a GRL PWR 1/4" cuff, please enter the phrase and font here. Please limit the phrase to 15 characters. 

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