CLEARANCE Moroccan Glow Patina Stacking Bangles – MARKED DOWN 20% FROM ORIGINAL PRICE!



Ahhhhhh Morocco… take me there now! I just want to be a gypsy caravanning through the lively, golden streets. This enchanting land is full of mystery and wonder, rich with culture and exotic textures and colors that heighten the senses and enliven the soul. So if you can’t visit this beautiful culture, you can wear it on your wrists!!

This listing is for SEVEN Mixed Moroccan Glow PATINA and METAL Boho Bangles – 1 – Crimson Red, 1 Orchid Purple, 1 Tender Shoots Green, 1 Teal Blue, 1 Gold Dust, 1 Silver, and 1 Copper.

These Bangles are made meticulously from 14 gauge, high quality red brass, German silver and soft copper. We start with coils of raw metal and transform them into these beauties by meticulously heating, shaping, soldering, pickling, hammering, and tumbling them … Make no bones about it, this is art in the truest sense. And then they are passed off to Liz for a patina bath to produce these electrically charged colors! Then she meticulously seals them twice with the most durable sealant we’ve found.