Giving Tie FREE With Purchase


From now until Christmas (or while supplies last) we will be GIVING AWAY ONE GIVING TIE with EVERY ORDER. Yes, you heard us right. FREE FREE FREE with purchase of any piece from Amy Waltz Designs!

Simply add this listing to cart along with your purchase and you’ll receive ONE GIVING TIE. The hemp cord color will be random and cannot be requested.

The Giving Tie
This teensy tiny darling little gift is meant to symbolize the true spirit of the holidays. When you notice it on your wrist, simply send out a positive thought, vibration or smile. Or, even better, extend your hand, offer your heart or smile at a stranger. May it symbolize acceptance, non-judgment, peace, tolerance, and forgiveness. Allow it to remind you of the importance of extending and widening your circle, recognizing that we are all truly one sharing this beautiful journey in life together.

Tie is on an leave it on. Trim off the ends. Get it wet. It’s hemp, so it’s very tolerable. It will fall of eventually and perhaps at that time your giving will have come full circle.

1. Only 1 Giving Tie per order, no matter the amount spent. (we only have so many and we want as many people as possible to enjoy this free offer!)
2. The hemp cord will be random and unfortunately cannot be requested.
3. Only those orders who add this listing will receive the free Giving Tie. Orders placed without adding this listing to cart will not receive the free gift.
4. These sweet peas cannot be purchased. They are intended to be our gift to YOU! 🙂
5. The .20 fee is the fee Etsy charges to list an item so we had to charge that to get it up but if you put in the comments of your order please refund the .20 fee, we’ll credit it back to you!
6. Copper lighting does not come with the GIVING TIE FREE GIFT.