Blessing Band / Stay Patient, Trust The Journey


stay patient, trust the journey

This statement is my growth area. I tend to get all bent out of shape if something isn’t going exactly the way I envision it. Instead of resting into the process of what’s before me and breathing through it, I tend to get anxious and worried. So this band is perfect for me! As I look at the words on my wrist, I remember life is a journey filled with many twists and turns and difficulties. It’s not all golden is it? As I acknowledge that I breathe and I remember to trust the process, trust the journey. Everything fits together perfectly if I allow it to. This gorgeous 100% copper flat hammered 1/4″ band is simple and straightforward with stay patient and trust the journey separated by a swirl.

Blessing Bands are personal power bangles to give you strength, motivation, courage, and wisdom throughout your day. Use them as a meditational tool to propagate a positive mind and give you a mantra on your wrist that awakens your truth. Meticulously handcrafted with powerful expressions and personal mantras, they are intended to lift, inspire and empower. We hope they guide you to awaken into your truth, your rhythm and your beautiful life story. Be gentle with yourself for you are a work of art!