Blessing Band / Smile Breathe & Go Slowly


smile, breathe & go slowly

Ahhhh the essence of pure, radiant living. Smiling relieves tension and lifts hearts, breathing is the one thing we can actually control and deep breathing has so many benefits. Slow down, don’t rush so fast. Take your time. Enjoy your life. Whatever is worrying you right now, let it go. Take a deep breath and acknowledge that things will get better. Stay in the present for it is the only moment available to us and it is the door to all other moments. Regard it deeply, preciously. This lovely nu gold 1/4″ wide flat hammered bangle with raised German silver heart is meticulously and lovingly handcrafted with extreme care and love.

Blessing Bands are personal power bangles to give you strength, motivation, courage, and wisdom throughout your day. Use them as a meditational tool to propagate a positive mind and give you a mantra on your wrist that awakens your truth. Meticulously handcrafted with powerful expressions and personal mantras, they are intended to lift, inspire and empower. We hope they guide you to awaken into your truth, your rhythm and your beautiful life story. Be gentle with yourself for you are a work of art!