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Birthstone Cuffs$74
Dainty Birthstone Ring$26
Family Birthstone Ring$57
Personalized 2019 Grad Bar Necklace$46
Petite Raw Electroformed Stud Earrings$39
Petite Raw Pendant Drop in Citrine, Tourmaline, or Quartz$53
Raw Turquoise Electroformed Hoops$60
Raw Turquoise Electroformed Stacking Ring$49
Sparkly Druzy Rings$35
Delicate Personalized Charmlet Bracelet$20
Mint on Brass Individual Patina Stacking Cuff$24
Mint on Brass Patina Individual Stacking Rings$21
Mint on Red Individual Patina Stacking Cuff$24
Red and Mint Patina Individual Stacking Rings$21
CLEARANCE Festival Patina Stacking Bangles – MARKED DOWN 20% FROM ORIGINAL PRICE!$113
Turquoise Leather Rustic Cuff$104
Massive Jasper 24K Gold Electroformed Necklace$82
Mint Patina Stacking Bangles$157.
Sterling Silver or German Silver Genuine Turquoise Ring$84.00
Mint Patina Nugget Stacking Rings$104
Genuine Turquoise Round Silver Ring$49
Nu Gold Genuine Turquoise Ring$79.00
Genuine Turquoise Oval Silver Ring$49
Silk Wrap Personalized With Power Word$43