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Birthstone Cuffs S477$80.00
Celeste Necklace S524$66.00
Chalice Triangle Necklace S472$62.00
CLEARANCE Clarity Crystal Point Raw Necklace S474$26.10
CLEARANCE Harley the Hedgehog Necklace S536$28.00
CLEARANCE Penelope the Pig Necklace S530$30.00
CLEARANCE Sol Zen Quartz Leather Wraps S561$52.20
CLEARANCE Sterling Silver Moon Cuff S507$65.00
Dainty Birthstone Ring S531$28.00
Elemental Stacking Ring S495$37.00
Fire Element Triangle Earrings S473$58.00
Freedom Feather Cuff S475$68.00
Galaxy Charm Necklace S526$53.00
Gold Imbued Turquoise Necklace S528$49.00
Gypset Droplet Earrings S521$53.00
Gypset Drops Charm Necklace S533$43.00
Gypset Stone Earrings S535$55.00
Inner Circle Necklace S569$77
Insight Oval Necklace S468$56.00
Intention Wheels Necklace S488$59.00
Meridian Interlocking Circle Earrings S510$68
Mini Bar Necklace S438$45
Mini Elemental Necklace S490$52.00
Mountain Cuff in Nu Gold S433$71.00
Neo Radiant Drop Necklaces S539$43.00
Petal Blossom Anklets S538$31.00
Petite Sparkles Druzy Necklace and Earrings S540$42.00
Posy Charm Necklace S529$42.00
Rain Double Drop Hoop Earrings S485$53.00
Satellite Chain Choker in Sterling or Gold S484$31.00