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Gold and Silver Leaf Open Earrings$79
Traditional Patina Stacking Rings$135
Blessing Band Cuffs$53
Star Stud Earrings$40
Divine Essence Necklace$44
Huggie Earrings$44
Pink Tourmaline Electroformed Ring$55
Rose Gold Eternity Ring S545$46.00
Personalized Elliptical Necklace$64
Equinox Hoop Earrings$63
Raw Turquoise Electroformed Stacking Ring$60
Mountain Cuff in Nu Gold$78
Purple Individual Patina Stacking Cuff$29.00
Green Individual Patina Stacking Cuff$29.00
Red Patina Individual Stacking Rings$25
Constellation Cuff$67
Mint Patina Nugget Stacking Rings$122
Rabbit Stud Earrings$40
Triangle Stud Earrings$40
Puffy Heart Stud Earrings$40
Rose Stacking Bangles in Copper or Rose Gold Filled$18
Custom Brown Leather Fringe Bag$199
Blessing Band Bangles$77
Feather Stud Earrings$40
Hexagon Stud Earrings$40
Square/Diamond Stud Earrings$40
Bird Stud Earrings$40
Infinity Stud Earrings$40
Moon Stud Earrings$40
Sun Stud Earrings$40