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Petite Initials Necklace$43.00
Constellation Bar Necklace$56
Peace Comes From Within Empowering Necklace$65.00
Constellation Bar Necklace in Gold$56
Zodiac Medallion Necklaces$53
Birthday Blossoms Necklaces$52
Cascade of Love Necklace$44
You & Me Heart Necklace$45
Enveloped in Love Intention Necklace$77
Personalized Open Circle Necklace$76.00
Organic Textured Nugget Necklace$40.00
Personalized Encircles In Mixed Metal$75
Personalized Name Necklace$77.00
Secret Message Twist Necklace$76
Gold Infinity and Custom Bar Lariat$81
Personalized Initial Charm Necklace$64.00
Personalized Encircles Necklace In Sterling Silver$77
Sterling Silver Dream Wishbone Necklace$64
Limitless Charm Necklace$41.00
Cosmic Circle Charm Necklace$50.00
Personalized Elliptical Necklace$64