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Alchemy Birthstone Cuff$84.00
Alchemy Birthstone Ring$60.00
Birthday Blossoms Necklaces$47
Birthstone Cuffs$80.00
Cosmic Circle Charm Necklace$45
Dainty Birthstone Ring$28.00
Enveloped in Love Intention Necklace$70
Family Birthstone Ring$62.00
Gypset Stone Earrings$55.00
Intention Wheels Necklace$59.00
Kindred Personalized Bangles$63.00
Life Elements Cuff Bracelet$73
Limitless Charm Necklace$37
New Paradigm Love Bangles$56
Orbit of Love Personalized Charm Necklace$46.00
Organic Textured Nugget Necklace$36
Personalized Elliptical Necklace$58
Personalized Toggle Charm Bracelet$52
Petite Initials Necklace$39.00
Posy Charm Necklace$42.00
The Circlet Necklace$45.00
Zodiac Medallion Necklaces$48.00
Peas In a Pod Necklace$57.00
Delicate and Empowering String of Strength Stone Necklace$45.00
Delicate Charms For Charmlet Bracelet$8
Delicate Personalized Alphabet Charms Necklace$45
Delicate Personalized Charmlet Bracelet$22.00
CLEARANCE Delicate, Simple and Inspirational Mindful Mini Bracelet$45.00
CLEARANCE Delicate, Simple and Inspirational Mindful Mini Necklace$50.40
CLEARANCE Family Tree Of Life Necklace$46.80