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Birthstone Cuffs$74
Life Elements + Birthstone Cuff Set$136
Life Elements Cuff Bracelet$73
Aspire to Inspire Adjustable Wrap Ring$15
Delicate Charms For Charmlet Bracelet$8
Delicate Personalized Alphabet Charms Necklace$45
Delicate Personalized Charmlet Bracelet$20
Delicate, Simple and Inspirational Mindful Mini Bracelet$46
Delicate, Simple and Inspirational Mindful Mini Necklace$52
Empowering Adventure Cuff$32
EquALLity Cuff$42
Family Tree Of Life Necklace$48
Gold Infinity and Custom Bar Lariat$67
Gold Lucky Four Leaf Clover Necklace$51
GRL PWR Cuff$32
Journey On 2018 Graduation Necklace$49
Milestone Necklaces / Decade Necklaces$49
Mom Is Our Universe Personalized Bangle$75
Moon and Star Delicate Lariat Necklace$57
Personalized Birthstone Bar Earrings With Stone Dangle$28
Personalized Encircles Necklace In Sterling Silver$65
Personalized Sterling Silver Leaf Nesting Necklace$64
Personalized Upside Down Triangle Necklace with Birthstone$52
Seascape Narrative Cuff$52
Seascape Narrative Ring$52
Secret Message Twist Necklace$64
Sterling Silver Dream Wishbone Necklace$54
Sterling Silver Mom and Crown Ring$87
Treescape Narrative Cuff$52
Treescape Narrative Ring$52