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Encircled in Love Bangle$38
Mama Bear Cuff$70
Alchemy Birthstone Ring$60.00
Alchemy Birthstone Cuff$84.00
Angel Aura Quartz Ring$127.00
Birthday Blossoms Necklaces$52
Celeste Necklace$73
Chalice Triangle Necklace$68
Clarity Crystal Quartz Raw Ring$62.00
Amethyst Stud Earrings$30
CLEARANCE Sol Zen Quartz Leather Wraps$52.20
Cosmic Circle Charm Necklace$50.00
Dusk Black Leather Earrings$28
Embrace The Detours Necklace$87
Enveloped in Love Intention Necklace$77
Equilateral Drop Earrings$48.00
Equinox Hoop Earrings$63
Kindred Personalized Bangles$69.00
Family Birthstone Ring$68
Fire Element Triangle Earrings$64
Dainty Birthstone Ring$31.00
Galaxy Charm Necklace$59
Gypset Droplet Earrings$53.00
Gypset Stone Earrings$61
Heart Stud Earrings$30
Herkimer Diamond Ring$68.00
Imbued Turquoise Necklace$54
Inner Circle Necklace$85.00
New Paradigm Love Bangles$62
Garnet Stud Earrings$30