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Delicate Personalized Charmlet Bracelet$20
Delicate, Simple and Inspirational Mindful Mini Bracelet$46
Druzy Earrings$29
Flower Earrings$27
Genuine, Organic, Raw Aquamarine Electroformed Earrings$47
Go Do You Gift For Her Cuff$46
Green Patina Rolling Hill Earrings$44
Green Spear Earrings$44
GRL PWR Wrap Ring$25
Hammered Fine Metal Circle Earrings$44
Hammered Fine Metal Teardrop Earrings$44
Large Copper Mint Patina Earrings$46
Mint Dipped Spear Earrings$39
Mint on Brass Patina Individual Stacking Rings$21
Mint Patina Bar Necklace$46
Open Square Simple Ring$38
Personalized Birthstone Bar Earrings With Stone Dangle$28
Raw Amethyst Electroformed Ring$46
Raw Sapphire Electroformed Rings$46
Raw, Organic, Empowering Crystal Necklaces$40
Raw, Organic, Genuine Aquamarine Electroformed Ring$46
Rose Stacking Bangles in Copper or Rose Gold Filled$23
Garnet Teardrop Earrings$46
Silver Stacking Bangles in Sterling Silver or German Silver$23
Silver Wire Rectangle Earrings$43
CLEARANCE Simple Delicate Electroformed Druzy Bracelet – MARKED DOWN 20% FROM ORIGINAL PRICE!$39
Simple Delicate Stud Earrings$25
Simple XO Stud Earrings$25
Small Copper Hoop Earrings$29
Small Copper Patina Hoops$42