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Long Silver, Copper, Gold Spear Earrings$32
Ginkgo Leaf Earrings$42
Silver and Nu Gold Double Hoops$49
2 Inch Gold Heart Hoops$60
Green Patina Teardrop Earrings$42
Hammered Sterling, Gold, or Rose Gold Oval Earrings$32
Copper Feather Earrings$55
Gold and Amethyst Ear Threads$54.00
Embossed Green Patina Teardrop Earrings$42
Hammered Bar Earrings in Nu Gold, Copper, or German Silver$39
Silver Rectangle Hoops Organically Shaped$39
Warrior Goddess Earrings$62
Half Circle Rustic Sterling Silver Earrings$62
Green Patina Twist Earrings$52
Rustic Copper Patina Earrings$52
Copper, Nu Gold, or Silver Spear Earrings$26
Organically Shaped Nu Gold Rectangle Hoops$34
Hammered Sterling or German Silver Hoops$49.00
Urban Landscape Hoop Earrings$62
Gold Filled and Bright Pink Quartz Ear Threads$54.00
2 Inch Silver Heart Hoops$50
Silver Feather Earrings$55
Hammered Nu Gold Hoops$49.00
2 Inch Gold and Silver Leaf Open Earrings$67
Free Spinning Orbital Circle Earrings$47
Sterling Silver and Bright Pink Quartz Ear Threads$38.00
Sterling Silver Lotus Earrings$55.00
Mini Urban Landscape Earrings$45
Crescent Moon Textured Copper Reversible Hoop Earrings$58
Simple Wind Chime Earrings$46.00